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2 Playtests, 1 week

Throughout the entire development of any game, it's extremely important to regularly play and test it. You gain valuable insight into what's working, and more likely, what doesn't work. Last week we had 2 playtest sessions for Foibles and we learned some things! Gameplay Space (GPS) We’ve been playtesting Foibles at GPS for over a year now! They’ve been extremely valuable to help us polish nearly every part of Foibles. This month, we were trying to make a final decision with the graphic design choice the cards and overwhelmingly everyone preferred the clean slant cards. You can check the blog post here. They function well in the hand, across the table and look sleek. It is missing a bit of the Foibles personality, so we’re thinking of testing some slight changes with the “slant clean” to look a tiny bit bubblier. 3 Kings Loot

This was our second time doing a playtest here. We wanted to test a new mechanic for ending the game. The idea is a little quirky. At the end of every scenario, everyone votes to determine if they want to keep playing. If most people say no, the yay-sayers play a deathmatch: one round, 3 random cards and the nay-sayers vote for the final winner. You can read the blog post of the rules here.

We got some interesting results. The main feedback we got was that it suits competitive players, but not so much the casual players. There seems to be some room for it, but I don’t think we are attached to keeping it. We may leave it as an optional mechanic in the rulebook for the more competitive types.

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