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Foibles is a Montreal based father/son creation which officially has been in development since 2017, but the passion for gaming and fun has been going on for 20 years!

When JP was 9 years old him and his father created their first game together called Fascar.  This was a board game which embodied the excitement of Nascar racing with the follies of Mario Kart (perhaps they will publish this game one day also). This passion for game development was encouraged in JP and they would play many games together over the years.  As JP grew older he gradually started winning most games of course!  Lol

Finally JP followed his passion for gaming and graduated from a 3 year program in game design and is currently a game development teacher.  While studying he had several projects to create new games and through one of which Foibles was born.  Of course the initial design and name was far from what they have developed today, but even then the game had overwhelming appeal from the players!  

JP’s father, Jason, studied business administration and is a psychology major.  He also has extensive experience in sales and business operations as well as running his own financial trading business. After discussing the possibilities of the game this father/son team decided to take the game to the next level and bring the game to the masses together.

In this age of digital gaming there seems to be a push back to in-person games recently.  Humanity seems to be lacking that social human interaction again.  Foibles was initially made with the intention to engage in thoughtful, yet provocative discussion and liven up and give energy to the group.

In the initial in-person play-tests, hilarity would ensue when players made wild arguments for the crazy characters they embodied in the immersive scenarios. Foibles now balances between the two by engaging the players in provocative discussion, while also keeping it fun and hilarious to play. It was also important, during its development, that it is quick to play and easy to learn.

During the Covid-19 epidemic social interactions were extremely limited so we had to come up with a way to showcase Foibles without in-person interactions.  From there the online version was quickly pushed into development.  We chose to build Foibles into the existing “Tabletop Simulator”  platform and made it free to play.  This way you can get an idea about the rules of the game and a sense of what fun it will be to play with your group of friends in person.  Our audience is also wider since we can play with and meet people from anywhere in the world.  You can play with us too!

We also have a great team of volunteers who believe in the success of Foibles and have been working with us on promotional videos, graphic designs, hosting play test events, developing prototypes.  We are humbled by their expertise and we would not have this quality of product without their help. 

This fall we will be launching our crowd funding campaign and as a thank you to our early adopters the first 100 orders will get the absolute best price which will be almost at cost.  All you need to do is enter your email on this website right now and you will get 24 hours advance notice of the campaign.  Then you just need to be one of the first 100 to order your copy of Foibles at the best possible price!

Thanks for your support and we hope Foibles helps make your next social event a hilarious good time!  You can enter your email in the space below:-)



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