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Where Passion Meets Talent

FOIBLES is a family project that was started by JP in 2016 as he was studying game design and this was one of his early school projects. The game was a big hit with his class, and it has improved by leaps and bounds since then! JP felt he had something good here so he asked Jason, his father if there was potential to take this project further.

JP has always had an interest in making games. Before FOIBLES, the first board game he created with his dad was called Fascar. JP was just 9 and came up with a NASCAR meets Mario Kart type of game for his younger brother. It is not a surprise he ended up becoming a game designer and developed games with some great potential.

Jason’s experience is stronger in marketing and product management so he took the challenge to see if this party game really had potential! Just because classmates and family were on board, doesn’t mean the game would end up being successful.

So they decided to print up the first official version of the game and after some positive feedback playing with friends, they started going to more official game testing workshops to see how strangers felt about the game. After countless playtesting sessions they received some amazing feedback and some good criticism too.

Based on this feedback they have been perfecting the game to be more hilarious and easy to play. People started approaching them asking to get involved with the project! They were delighted with the enthusiasm for FOIBLES and decided to start moving forward with the idea of launching a crowdfunding campaign to give the game the audience it deserves.

They started collaborating with some really talented artists and filmmakers and everyone was volunteering their time because they believed in the potential of the game and were excited to see it reach its true potential.

JP and Jason were really humbled by everyone’s help and enthusiasm, and it validated that they were on the verge of something big!

FOIBLES has evolved into more of a community project involving at least 20 different people creating art, music and promotional videos, live streams, and playtests to help get the word out about this hilarious party game!

The crowdfunding campaign was initially planned for 2020, but COVID-19 happened and playtests were stopped. It is hard to promote a social game when you cannot be social! An online version was created and worked pretty well. It allowed sharing the game with people outside of Montréal. 

With some time to rethink how to organize the crowdfunding campaign, the wheels are in motion again and an online version is in the works to allow people to play right away even if they cannot physically be together.

The game has been through a lot of changes and here is how to play!

All the players are thrown into a high-stakes scenario! For example, there is a nuclear apocalypse and only half of them will get the opportunity to survive in a bunker!

Now they need to debate and decide who gets in and who doesn’t, but not based on their personality, but based on the FOIBLES cards in front of them! Perhaps they are a Sex Addict or a Trump Supporter? Maybe they are a Drug Dealer, a Doctor or a Clown? Who knows what surprise foible will be thrown into the game so everybody needs to think fast and find a way to spin their discourse to convince the gang that they should not get voted out.

The whole team appreciates you backing Foibles and hopes you will have as much fun playing as we had fun making it!

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