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Got Password?

We are now entering the pre-launch phase of the Kickstarter campaign! We are collecting emails of those who want to be the first to back Foibles and in exchange will get access to our exclusive offer.

There are only 100 copies available at our exclusive rate. It’s a great deal for you, but what's in it for us? Getting a lot of traction and early backers can be vital to the success of a crowdfunding campaign. Success breeds success, so when the campaign has a strong start, other people are more likely to come on board and give Foibles a try.

To make this a bit more interesting for you, we came up with a little game on our website and hid a password! Only a limited number of people can get that password and be able to get on our exclusive mailing list.

Once we close the list only those people will get first dibs at the best price. We still want this to be pretty easy for you to figure out, but any feedback about it can be left on our Facebook page and would be appreciated!

So if you want to be one of the first backers and get the game at the best possible price then head over to and explore to figure out the password and get your name on our exclusive mailing list.

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