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First Design of the Rulebook

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Last week I made the first attempts at designing the rule book, as it would look like as the final product. I came up with some basic dimensions for a small leaflet book. Something that would fit in our box. I really underestimated how much room I have for writing and illustrations. The rules that I had written on a word doc was way too long for the rulebook. It forced me to find ways to write them more concisely. I slashed about 300 words from a document I had re-written already 6+ times!

This is something I experienced once before, during my studies. We had to write some rules for a game we had invented. I handed the rules to my teacher, and in front of me he would slash words here, and whole phrases there. It was a very shocking experience.

So I have a rough draft of the rules. I have some placeholder images (We haven't decided on a card design yet). The design looks a little boring for the moment and we’ll need to come up with something to make it look a little better. On top of that, we’ll still need to rewrite it to match the tone of our game! At least we have an idea of how much space we can work with. I’ll post a link here for people who want to see the rules. If you have any feedback, let us know! We are always open to suggestions.

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