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Less than 40% of Kickstarter Campaigns Succeed!

We are almost ready for Kickstarter!

I know it has been a couple of years for some of you since you playtested with us, and we appreciate your support now, more than ever!

Who knew that preparing a Kickstarter was so much work!

When Covid hit, we had to stop our live playtesting, which set us back a bit. We made Foibles available on Tabletop Simulator to continue hosting games and refining the game mechanics with some creative thinking. We had a lot of fun and streamed a few times on Twitch. It even allowed us to play with friends on different continents who had not been able to experience this game in person!

Tabletop Simulator gave us a great review which you can check out here.

As the game reached its final form after rounds of playtesting, we started sharing as much as we could about Foibles online. We created a how-to-play video and started marketing for the Kickstarter campaign. We got a few paid ads here and there; we hope you saw them as well! The marketing process has been a great learning experience. We are ramping up our effort to get as much support as possible before launching.

What's next?

We are reaching out to reviewers and board game enthusiasts to play and share what they think about the game. We're also making this process a bit more fun by 3D printing exclusive boxes for the game! Expect to see more of us on social media and in your inbox!

In the meantime, check out our new website here, and share our exclusive Kickstarter offer with your friends! You do not need to sign up; you're automatically eligible for it since you are one of our earliest supporters!

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