Foibles Party Game in a Nutshell

You are all thrown into a hilariously unusual and high-stakes scenario.


Debate and demonstrate your individual worth or risk being eliminated, getting eaten, or shitting your pants!

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How To Play Foibles

Scenario_Nuclear Apocalypse.jpg

Pick Out An Outrageous Scenario 

Choose one of many cleverly worded scenarios designed to push the arguments to the edge. Half of you will be eliminated by a group vote so be prepared to debate the merits of your upcoming, and sometimes outrageous, Foibles traits.

Get Your First Foibles Trait

Your first Foibles trait is usually fairly good, if you choose to play one of your own cards. You can also take a chance, revealing one of the facedown Foibles given to you. You have 3 minutes to make your case!

An Atomic Physicist might seem helpful during a nuclear apocalypse.

Foibles_Nuclear Apocalypse_01.jpg.png
Foibles_Nuclear Apocalypse_02.jpg.png

Time For Round Two

Did you make it past the first round? Your second trait is now revealed! 

You are an Atomic Physicist AND you are Wearing a Hazmat Suit. You are really prepared for this scenario!

Your Foibles are getting more interesting!

Final round. 

Uh oh! You are also a Cannibal! I don't think your potential bunkmates will appreciate that.

Avoid being eliminated! How will you make your case?


Foibles Game Testing

Watch Some Foibles Gameplay in Action

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We Have Been Working Hard

We have many volunteers who believe in FOIBLES, writing content, and making promotional videos for our upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Check out our blog to see how the game development has progressed!


"Foibles is a super fun time! The verbal jousting associated with the gameplay makes it very different from other open-ended discussion-based card games, which is what makes it special. It’s incredibly easy to learn, and new challenges arise based on which friends or nemeses are sitting with you at the table. If you like fun and talking trash, this is the game for you!"

Logan Churchill


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