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Our First Live Streaming Event!

We are taking Foibles online!!  Foibles is a social party game but our Covid-19 social distancing rules can't keep us from playing!  

We created an online version using the Tabletop Simulator application.  If you own this application you can now play Foibles online for FREE!

To show it off we are doing our first live stream event! We are going to try and use the free software OBS and stream it to Facebook and Twitch this time. I hope it works well! Fingers Crossed:-)

So if you are curious about what it looks like or want to learn how to play?  Come watch our online stream this Friday June 5th live! 

    *See what the online Foibles version looks like

    *Enjoy watching some hilarious banter and possible lost friendships:-) 

    *Learn how to play

    *Get ready to come play with us during another event

    *Get your private group of friends together and try it yourselves

    *Leave your comments during the live stream and interact with others

The live stream will be hosted by the one and only, Sophie Tetreault!

Register here and enter your email and we will send you the stream link the day of the live event.  See you then!!

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