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Success From Failure?

Yesterday we had a great Foibles game testing session at Gameplay Space where we tested a new winning mechanic whereby the players keep their cards during the sessions and the one with the most cards after 3 scenarios are played is the overall winner!

This did not work! on the surface it seemed like a good idea, but players were voting other players based on how many cards they had rather than the merits of their arguments. That worked contrary of the overall goal in the end. However, from this failure brought some new insights.

We learned that players liked the idea of having an overall winner and greater goal to achieve. As a product manager that is exactly the type of feedback we are trying to get to improve the product.

JP and I have already come up with a new idea to promote this feeling and enhance game play. We look forward to trying it out at our next play test session.

Foibles game testing at Gameplay space Montreal
Foible game play

Jason and JP wearing Foibles game t-shirts at the Gamplay Space testing event.
Jason and JP Foibles
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