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New Foibles Game Mechanic Testing Tonight

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Foibles Game Cards with the new logo.
Foibles Game Cards

Tonight at Game Play space we will be testing a new Foibles game mechanic!

At the end of each Foibles game round those people NOT voted out will keep their cards. After 3 rounds the person with the most cards will be the ultimate Foibles winner.

With this Foibles game mechanic we are trying give some more incentives to be the winner, but also should add some more strategy to the game play. For example, you can give away their cards at times to other players to try and encourage others to vote them out, but by doing so you are also losing one of your cards which will be counted at the end to determine the overall Foibles game winner.

Tonight we will test the Foibles game using this new mechanic and report back on the results from the play testing. Stay tuned to this blog to find out how it worked, or better yet come join us tonight in Montreal at Gameplay Space to test it out for yourself:-)

Checkout our Facebook page for details!

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