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Death to the Original Logo:-\

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

With death comes new life! As we retire our original Foibles Game logo it is bitter sweet. Several people worked hard on that logo so it is sad to see it go, but if it were not for that logo we would not have evolved to the new one. The process of logo design is one of evolution and inspiration.

The original logo had concepts of text bubbles reflecting the conversation and debate aspects of the Foibles Game and has a great look to it! However, Foibles is a social party game which is laugh-out-loud funny! The new logo embodies that feel much better.

During our Foibles Game promotional video filming we still had the t-shirts using the original logo. During the murder scene it felt ironic like we were killing off the old logo as well! Below is a scene I took using my Samsung S8 during the filming, some photos of the old t-shirt and the new logo to compare.

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