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FOIBLES is a brand new laugh-out-loud social party game virtually guaranteed to get your party started full of laughter and memorable moments in just 20 minutes!
What makes FOIBLES the best party game to come?
  • Easy to Play 

  • Quick To Explain

  • Edgy, but not offensive (to most)

  • Hilarious Scenarios

  • Everyone plays the entire game

  • Quick rounds only 15 min each

makes virtually everyone the life of the party?

  • FOIBLES is an immersive game that puts everyone into an all or nothing hilarious scenario where everyone needs to debate their value ( or others non-value) based on the wacky FOIBLES trait cards imposed upon you! 

  • FOIBLES is ideal for 5 to 8 players, and it is as much fun to play as it is to watch so no matter how many guests you have everyone can enjoy the action!

  • Plus since each scenario is only 15 minutes long everyone can have a chance to play.

Watch this cheesy video to
see how FOIBLES is played
Foibles Creators

FOIBLES was created by a Father/Son team who made their first game together (Fascar) when JP was only 9 years old.  


JP is now an actual game designer teaching at the college and university levels.  FOIBLES is the first game they are bringing to market and it has gone through 3 iterations and hundreds of play tests with friends and strangers over the past 3 years to get where we are today!


Dozens of people have also volunteered their time to help create promotional videos and graphic designs for the cards and the box simply because they themselves had fun playing FOIBLES and wanted to get involved.


With all this talent behind us we are confident you will love playing FOIBLES with your friends, but don’t take our word for it.  Here is what some early players are saying!


What People Are Saying

"Foibles is a game of quick wit, survival, and slander. Okay I’m gonna be honest it’s really all about slander. It’s an incredibly fun game"

Nicolas Pons

"This game is so much fun, it’s hard to put down once you’ve got a groove going with your group!"

Sophie Tetreault

"Great game. I played it in English. It's fast and easy to get into the mood and allow for fun interactions. A must for your parties" (Translated from French)

Karima Kah

A Real Foibles Playtest in Action

FOIBLES has a huge deck of 350 cards to play with.
Similar games of that size retail for around $40, but we want you to give you the opportunity to get FOIBLES first at a 50% discount!

This means you would only pay $20 

AND you would be among the first to play this game with your friends or colleagues.

Here is how it will work...

We will email you a few days before the crowdfunding campaign will start and again the day before with the exact time of the launch.


You just need to act quickly to be one of the

first 100 people to grab the 50% discount and that’s it! 


The thing is we will stop collecting email contacts from this page once we have 300 emails. 


We know that not everyone who leaves their email here will go and grab the offer the minute we launch even though we will ONLY communicate to you the exact minute the launch will happen.


By limiting this group to 300 though we are ensuring that everyone who does leave their email AND is watching for the launch time is virtually guaranteed to get this exclusive deal, and we will get our first 100 backers to help kick off our campaign on the right foot.


Sound fair?

But there is even more!

We also want to have themed expansion packs if we reach certain stretch goals.  How about Zombie themes or a Nasty theme or a D&D theme?  


If you are one of the first backers and we reach our first funding goal you will also get one of these expansion packs free!  


That is a bonus $15 value just for being one of the first to support the FOIBLES campaign and ensure we are fully funded.

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