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Foibles In a Nutshell

All of you are thrown into a high-stakes scenario. Debate and demonstrate your individual worth in the scenario or risk being eliminated. Who has the traits to take them to the end? Only the group can decide.


Not all of your friends will survive!    Who will you vote out?

This is one of many edgy scenarios you will need to debate but you only have 3 minutes to decide each persons fate.  Half of you must go, but be careful what you say since the person you vote out still has a vote and might get some payback next round.

You Are The Traits You Get!

With hundreds of trait possibilities who knows which ones will be given to you.  Do you have the right trait to not get voted out?  Find the right spin and you might just make it to the next round when your next trait is revealed.


            Foibles Play Test



What People Are Saying

"Foibles is a game of quick wit, Survival, and Slander. Okay I’m gonna be honest it’s really all about Slander. It’s an incredibly fun game"

Nicolas Pons

"This game is so much fun, it’s hard to put down once you’ve got a groove going with your group!"

Sophie Tetreault

"Super jeu. j'y ai joué en anglais. c'est facile, rapide d'être dans l'ambiance et permet vite les interactions. Un must pour vos soirées."

Karima Kah


Only 100 copies of Foibles will be available at the best possible price. 

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