• Jason Stevens

FOIBLES 2021 launch update!

So in 2020 we wanted to launch our FOIBLES game and we started doing more game testing to get the ball rolling at the beginning of the year.

Then COVID-19 hit just as we were getting started, so we didn't really know what to do in that case.

It's pretty hard to launch a social card game when you can’t be social, so we (more like JP) decided to create an online version of the game. The version worked out surprisingly well, even though it was intended to play in person, and we had a lot of fun playing online. I even had an opportunity to play games with some friends I know from overseas, with whom I actually never would have had a chance to play with otherwise.

We live streamed several of the games to showcase FOIBLES and Sophie did an amazing job hosting the games!

Here is the link here so you guys can see one of the livestream highlights if you haven't already seen it.

However it was not exactly the same as playing in person together with your friends, and we really wanted to wait until we could play all together in order to do some necessary promotional videos.

We have a couple professional quality videos done with the help of some skilled people who believe in the FOIBLES project, but we still need to do a video that explains how to play FOBLES (not that it is complicated or anything) and a little video introduction between me and JP as the creators.

Covid has been making this difficult because we still can’t even get together to playtest and make these videos. In any case, this year we decided to launch anyway because Covid is going on way too long and we don't know when it's going to stop yet. Hopefully it's going to end up stopping this year with the vaccines and we can actually get together and play! In the meantime, we are looking at some ideas on how we can create videos even though we can't be social in order to launch FOIBLES.

This year though, despite Covid, we are planning to launch FOIBLES!

Hopefully by the time FOIBLES gets manufactured, after the crowdfunding campaign, and you get it by mail you will be able to play in person with your friends. Right now we're working on just getting the marketing strategy done over the next couple months, so I'll write a few more blogs about how that's going as we progress.

For example, we still like the online version so we would like to keep this alive and you can play it for free, except you need to buy this application called “tabletop simulator” in order to play it which cost about twenty bucks so we are exploring the idea of contacting the developer of this game to see if we can get licenses for really cheap if we buy more than 300 copies of them to use as a stretch goal during the crowdfunding campaign. This way while you are waiting to receive your purchased copy of FOILES you can play online in the meantime using that application for free! Hopefully that will work out, but no guarantees of course.

We have the intention to launch mid this year even though it is COVID outside! Thanks for following and your continued support:-) Leave us your email on this website so we can alert you as to when FOIBLES will be launching more precisely.

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